Head like a f***in’ orange

I might be a bit obsessed by Karl Pilkington. In fact, I have been for the past ten years; ever since I heard his Manchester drawl and comedic savantry on the XFM radio station. The skill of the observational comedian is to look at the world in a different and eccentric way and point out the aspects of life we forget are slightly lunatic, irrational or strange. Karl takes this to another level by looking at life from what seems to be another dimension entirely and asking questions the rest of us wouldn’t think of asking. He does this while spending his days only observing insects and grouting his kitchen; amazing. Actually that’s not fair he often goes to the salvation army for a cheap coffee or to the cobblers to have segs inserted or a brogue welted (or maybe it’s the other way round?).
I do find myself agreeing with Karl on a lot of subjects when I’ve dug to the core of his assertions: I never have seen an old man eating a twix; I’m not sure if I am, or my brain is, in charge; I don’t like organised fun; I’m not comfortable with nudism, I never know if I’m actually well or ill; It is tempting to kick a duck up the arse. On the other hand he has said that the Chinese don’t age well; you don’t get anything done by planning; he believes in ghosts and his idea of evolution goes: bacteria, fish, mermaid, man.

I do worry that Karl will become more knowing and self-aware as he becomes more of a celebrity. I’m always disappointed when he tells a traditional joke. I like his extemporaneous and inadvertent comedy best. Luckily he shows no signs of ever changing.

All I can say is thanks Karl, you really make me laugh and cheer me up no end.

gormless manc twat

gormless manc twat

You’re talking shit again! Play a record!!


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