Amazon’s review system

I purchase stuff from Amazon a few times a year. If I had more cash burning a hole in my pocket I’d probably buy more from the online behemoth as they often have the cheapest prices around. Before I make any purchase I do tend to research quite a lot about the item to make sure I’m buying the right thing for me. Amazon reviews can be very useful in this research, but I do wish they would overhaul the review system. I understand this would be a major upheaval considering all current reviews are authored under the current dynamic of a 5 star system and a more detailed written opinion.
The problem is that reviewers seem to have differing ideas of what they are reviewing. This is especially true of media products. Some people review the product itself; the quality, value or packaging. Others review the content and if they enjoyed the movie/book/TV series etc. Still others review the service, and will often give harsh ratings if their parcel was late or mis-delivered. This is further complicated by Amazon marketplace where buyers will be reviewing the service of a 3rd party retailer.
As Amazon is such a popular online store the review problems are somewhat mitigated by the sheer number of ratings allowing the best products to rise to the top. Products with only a few ratings can be skewed in a direction that isn’t a true reflection of the item itself however. Many written reviews on Amazon are actually pretty good and contain useful information, with their authors probably taking an average of all the considerations mentioned previously. Amazon also seem pretty good at weeding out spam and fake reviews, which is incredibly useful. I do wish that all reviewer’s thoughts and ideas were corralled in a more structured way though. If an item has hundreds of reviews and the star rating can’t be fully trusted it’s something of a chore to have to read them all to get a true overview of the product.